Monday, May 4, 2015

A new arrival!

I've taken a long hiatus from the blog to work on some slightly more pressing matters. Things like my wife having a life-threatening turn to her pregnancy, more battles with unemployment, followed by the challenges of a new job. Now we've finally been joined by our long-expected little one, Abigail Mary. Tonight I finally had a chance to sit down and draw again, so I drew them.

So, how does it feel to draw again? Amazing. However, I have been checking my blog stats and have found, unsurprisingly, that the #1 post in terms of hits has been one in which I mocked up some doll house concepts in Minecraft. It's been stolen far and wide by many a Minecraft idea site, sometimes with a back-link, and sometimes without any attribution at all. I don't care though, it's a video game, and other people can profit from something I did in an afternoon because I was bored. ;)

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