Friday, November 7, 2014

Sunrise on Maple Street

This is the view I had the other morning, but painted properly. I attempted to take a picture of the dramatic sky and foothills down our little sleepy street, but my phone couldn't do it justice at all. This is a little closer to what my eyes saw that morning.

Also, I want to tell the story of the last few months. It's been very crazy, and my friends who follow on the other social media networks will know all about that. I got married to my favorite person, (Katie!) moved to Idaho, and then moved a second time shortly after the wedding. Katie's pregnant too, so there is a new person on the way to stay with us. We are so excited!

During the second move my beautiful bride became severely ill and had her closest brush with eternity she's had yet. She spent almost a month with no food intake, and things got very scary. Thanks be to God, she is recovering now and our little baby is 14 weeks along and healthy. Things are finally settling in, and I hope to be able to resume regular artwork updates fairly soon.

I have some cool projects coming up, including some Eastern Orthodox style religious artwork which I am very excited to get going on. It's good to feel home again.

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  1. That's a lovely watercolor, thank you for sharing!
    Praying for both of you, say Hi to Katie for me!