Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Product Preview: St. Thomas Aquinas Engravings

These engravings of St. Thomas Aquinas were meant to be ready in January, but delays caused by a blown laser tube and other problems means they're a bit late.

Still, I do have some cool things to show off, so here's some pictures. First I have a brand new thing: prayer-card sized engravings. I've had tons of requests for something in this size, and have decided it's high time I made them. Expect to see most of my old designs and plenty of new ones coming out in prayer-card sizing in the coming months.

I also included a picture of the first two test-engravings of the larger size art pieces. These are oiled, and clearly demonstrate why I need to wait for my new laser tube before finalizing the design.

Note that these are not yet in the shop, but will be some time in February, probably the 2nd or 3rd week.

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