Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Draw: Son Rays (aka, playing with compasses)

This piece was not really planned very much, mostly it was the result of some experiments with new tools. Or I guess, they would be more accurately called old tools. I have this set of compasses from my great grandfather here, which my dad loaned to me this evening so I could do some experimenting with them. I initially intended to just use them to make very light pencil marks on my paper before doing watercolors, but quickly realized I could do much more with them.

This set has ink nibs! They don't look like the usual fountain pen, because they aren't for calligraphy. They are supposed to be for making pin-straight lines with a ruler, or nice perfect circles with the compass. I figured I would load them with a very strong watercolor mix, and see what happened. It worked great! I noodled about with it for a while until I had some interesting shapes, then just went to town with the rest of the colors. It was good fun.

Experimenting with how wide I should space the gap between the two halves of the nib.

Just noodling around. :)

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