Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laser Engraving: Japanese Madonna

 After a long period of waiting and thinking and more waiting and lots of work, I have finally made a nice wood engraving of a Japanese style Marian image. This image was made in 1/4" thick plywood (basswood faced) and took about an hour of machine time to make, and roughly 35-40 hours of labor to produce the graphics.

I used a combination of 3 open source programs to make this design: the very first sketch was made in Gimp. Additional sketches, inking, and shading were all done in MyPaint. Finally, the image was vectorized and layered for laser engraving using Inkscape.

There are a few minor flaws which will need correcting before I can begin to sell these, but I fully intend to make them for sale. :)


  1. She is simply lovely.

  2. Machine Time? What kind of machine?

    1. Well, I used about 45 minutes of machine time. This was made on a 40 watt CO2 computer controlled laser engraving machine.

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