Monday, December 3, 2012

Daily Draw: Mary, Mother of the Church, pt1

Today I am beginning a fairly large project which will likely take all week. A friend has asked me to produce an engraving based on photos from an old stained glass window. Unfortunately these were not really photos... they were 400 pixel wide JPG images from somewhere on the internet. I searched with Google Image search and Tineye to see if I could get anything bigger, but found absolutely nothing. I don't even know what church this window is in, or who made it, or anything at all!

So I decided this would require recreating the image, more or less based on the ones I had been sent. I took the tiny JPG into Gimp and blew it up to a little over 3000 pixels on a side until it had pixels the size of hams. Then I brought it into MyPaint and started trying to get some linework laid out. My ink is shown here in pink, because then I can see what I am doing. I want this to look really nice, so I'm taking my time with it. Expect to see updates throughout the week on this.

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