Friday, October 26, 2012


Well, it's officially time to retool the blog and my way of doing stuff with the laser.

First: hardware. Previously the laser cutter was being run with a 12 year old IBM Thinkpad T22 laptop, which is woefully inadequate. Complex or large designs would frequently crash the system, or require computation times longer than the cutting times. Today begins the process of a substantial upgrade.

T22 general specs:
Pentium 3 @ 900mhz
256mb of RAM
20gb hard drive

New computer:
Dual core AMD (don't remember exactly what kind) @ 2.5ghz
4gb of RAM
500gb hard drive

I know this new machine will do a much better job of running the laser control software, and should dramatically reduce computation times.

On the blog side of things, expect to see a redesign, and the return of regular content. I expect to regularly post various doodles and drawings and have updates of bigger projects I am working on. The word of Ira Glass still resound in my head, and I plan to keep myself to a reasonable work schedule and transform my humble hobby into something approaching artfulness. :)

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